Draycor Inc.

***Warning - Another company is committing fraud pretending to be Draycor Inc.   They are using a domain

A person by name of Alex Dray is passing himself off and also using Alison Dray to sign purchase orders.  Our CEO is Allison with two "L".****    They are passing around proprietary information that belongs to us.   Draycor Inc. will not  be responsible to any vendor or supplier that engages in business transactions with Alex Dray or Alison Dray.  The email he is using is and the phone he is using is 

619-369-6616.   THis is FRAUD***  Please call me directly at number below or email me any correspondance so I can turn over to the FBI investigator handling this case********


8332 Regents Road Suite 2i

San Diego CA 92122

Director of Operations - Rocio Rivas


Federal Sales Director - Allison Dray