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WHAT we do


Headquartered in San Diego, California, DRAYCOR is an Information Technologies provider focusing on State, Local and Federal Government sectors with an emphasis on Department of Defense. Our capabilities include Navy specific and commercial training, maintenance, repair, Cloud computing, cyber security, surveillance detection systems and software, system integration, engineering, logistic services, program management, network management, asset mangement and life cycle management.

Our Mission

DRAYCOR'S mission is to approach each client individually while providing reliable service using Customer Relations Management (CRM). We are dedicated to solving business problems by applying the concept of CRM to our technology based solutions and tailoring them to each clients objectives. Our goal is to obtain trust and respect with our clients and ultimately maintain a long term relationship with them.

Company Profile

DRAYCOR is an IT solutions provider, Value Added Reseller and integrator specializing in complex procurement of IT related hardware and software. We also provide integrated network design , installation and maintenance of integrated products for tomorrow's technical challenges.

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